Victims of police domestic abusers ‘are powerless’

Women domestically abused by police officers feel “doubly powerless” as their abusers are too often protected from facing justice, campaigners say.

The Centre For Women’s Justice (CWJ) has submitted a super-complaint claiming failures among police forces.

They cite the cases of 19 women, including police officers, from 15 force areas who have been victims of abuse, violence, stalking and rape.

It has been submitted to HM Chief Inspector of Constabularies.

The CWJ said that while “without doubt there are cases that are dealt with properly”, a central concern was “police abusers are being protected and not brought to justice” because of their positions.

The super-complaint, which is supported by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, said victims “feel doubly powerless“.

“They experienced the powerlessness that most domestic abuse victims experience, but in addition their abuser is part of the system intended to protect them,” the report said.

It calls for changes including:

  • Victims being able to report their claims to the Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC) rather than a police force
  • Neighbouring police forces investigating such claims “should be the norm”
  • Officers guilty of abuse also being subject to misconduct procedures (Editor: Not covered up by police)
  • Restrict officers facing allegations from working with victims of domestic or sexual abuse

One of the women who gave her story to the CWJ told the BBC her ex-husband physically and sexually abused her as well using coercive and financial control.  (Editor: Another women gave us her story relating to her ex ‘police’ partner of Norwich police.)

She said she reported him to his force, Northumbria Police, but no action was taken against him either criminally or by professional standards.

He used to say to me ‘I’m a police officer no-one is going to believe you‘,” she said.

The woman, who is from Tyneside, said police lost evidence she provided and her husband was given her witness statement, which later went missing from the system.

She also said her husband accessed her medical records and “got access to a lot of things” civilians would not be able to get.

“There’s nowhere to go. When it’s a police officer they can find you anywhere, they can trace your car,” she said

“If you try and prosecute someone who is a police officer, they know the court system and what questions they are going to be asked.”

Northumbria Police said the BBC’s refusal to share details of the case meant it was “unable to search our records to trace any report or potential subsequent investigation”.

But a spokesperson said all complaints of domestic abuse were “subject to a thorough and unbiased investigation” irrespective of who the suspect is.

The BBC did not reveal the officer’s name to the force out of a duty of care to the woman.

The super-complaint cites a number of examples of no criminal charges being brought despite victims making reports and claiming to supply evidence.

It also refers to cases where no misconduct proceedings took place, with one woman who claimed she was raped being told superiors would have a “quiet word” with the suspect.


  1. I’m an activist who has been fighting police corruption for over 3 decades and as a result I have been targeted and have been imprisoned twice fir fabricated crimes. The police would use an ex partner who I had never seen for over 20 years. I would discover this ex partner had been sectioned for paranoid schizophrenia 15 years after we had parted, “However” she was used by the police to give false information to which she was happy to receive a large amount of cash from the victim compensation fund promised to her by a corrupt detective from northumbria police. Evidence showed how a cps lawyer also conspired with both detective and bogus witness and would dramatically change her statement for her. I have all the evidence against this officer and cps lawyer yet I’m informed by certain lawyers that they wouldn’t youch it as its a clear case of stitchup that also involves my own Barrister who would not use any of my evidence and this would open a can of worms for the whole of the judicial system. My evidence against the system and bogus witness is overwhelming but as stated one lawyer stated the police will do whatever it takes to hush you up as I have been threatened by a plain clothed officer whilst walking my dogs. What does one do?

  2. I face similar of way before I reported the crime, medical/police records had been altered with faulse reports that told 8 b had mental illnesses, not only that,I was drug & alcohol dependent, along with attendance of violence. Anything I said was not even heard & ambulance turned up with police ready to take me away. My sibling who is long employment with mpft/nhs, who set all this up out jelousey & hate since childhood. Still ongoing acts are made in order to prevent any quality of life. Sends cyberbullying messages laughing saying she alleys gets away with it ?
    She is long term oes member & partner is Mason. They do get away with it

  3. I am the victim of severe domestic abuse by a police officer. I was never helped or given the support I should have received. I was also told by my abuser that he always submitted reports to his supervisor at work after an incident at home detailing the opposite that had happened and he told me if ever I tried to report him I’d never be believed. I have found out he did submit an abundance of reports. Attacks on my children he quickly was able to state it never happened and always stated he has been the victim of domestic abuse by me, that this was a malicious allegation and was able to refer to all the reports he made about me to his supervisor. He went untouched. He has since made allegations against me and I now face being charged criminally. The police have pulled out all the stops for him. I will fight as I have truth in my heart but he won’t ever leave me alone and I remain vulnerable on a huge level, now the police are also my abusers.

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