West Midlands police intentional failings leads to a private prosecution

West Midlands Police

West Midlands police refused to investigate a serious crime of Malicious Communications so the victim made an application to the Courts to bring a private prosecution, this has been granted.

The right to bring private prosecutions is preserved by section 6(1) of the Prosecution of Offences Act (POA) 1985.

A notification from the court has been received that a summons against the defendant is being issued along with a hearing date.

The reason that West Midlands police refused to investigate the serious offence is linked to Lancashire police and a police informant.

The defendant (and one of his colleagues in a different county) both committed similar serious offences against the same victim.  In a bizarre twist of events, the two separate police forces (Bedfordshire police and West Midlands police) refused to investigate the offences leading to the victim receiving threats to his life over a prolonged period of time.

We have seen evidence that Bedfordshire received information from Lancashire police advising them not to investigate!  This is alleged to be a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and is being investigated in a private capacity due to police corruption.

Both police forces are under investigation by the IOPC (waste of space) and both are exposed to the High Court via the Judicial Review process of their unlawful decisions.

Jason Durnall is the officer from West Midlands police who refused to investigate has had a complaint against him upheld.

Further information will be released in due course.





  1. I have documented evidence TVP recorded the offense of perverting the course of justice which was passed to Slough CID to investigate, The SRA had conducted a fraudulent investigation. The Crime report recorded that the decision was made by the SRA that there was no crime and discontinued the investigation (unlawful sub-delegation). The police investigated my complaint, plagiarised the SRA findings and used a fraudulent statement to discontinue the investigation and when I pointed out the fraud used the PSD excuse that I was being repetitious, This has raised further proof of serious corruption – and the original Crime.

  2. If that goon Hogan isn’t involved pulling the strings I would be amazed -. When that rat faced son of a bitch goes quiet you know he is behind the scenes upto know good. Tic tok tic tok justice will catch him up one day

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