West Midlands Police officer PC 7642 Paul Valentine alleged to have tipped off suspects

A West Midlands Police officer, PC 7642 Paul Valentine, has been reported to PSD for tipping off criminals by allegedly passing information from confidential emails that were provided to him by the victims.

The victims sent PC Valentine private emails containing confidential evidence of criminal activity of the suspects.

Within hours of the victims sending the emails to the police,  comments about the content of the emails were posted on social media by the suspects:

stop harassing my guy valentine, I mean, what did you send him like three, four emails yesterday about youtube…

The suspects refer to PC 7643 Valentine as ‘my guy valentine‘ and comment on the precise number of emails sent to him by the victims.  How would they know this about confidential police emails.

The suspects train at a martial arts club in Wolverhampton..

It is stated by club members that the martial arts club has various Wolverhampton police officers as members, one of them is an Inspector.

A complaint about PC Valentine was made via email to PSD on the 21st February 2017 just after 10pm.

An email was also sent to PC Valentines police email account saying:

I have just received this comment on Facebook, Somebody is aware I have sent you a number of emails regarding the YouTube comments, please can you explain?

PC Valentine was not on duty until the following day so would not have received it until he came to work the following morning.

The following morning, the victim contacted West Midlands police wanting to speak to PC Valentine, the victim was told that PC Valentine had come into work and after about an hour, left ‘feeling ill‘.

It is alleged that PC Valentine came to work, checked his email, realised he had been caught and took immediate sick leave.

PC Valentine has been off work sick since he was made aware of the complaint.

PSD in Wolverhampton have insisted that PC Valentine did not tip off the suspect.  PSD insist that PC Valentine does not know the suspects or train at the gym.  PSD insist that they (West Midlands Police) do not know which police officers train at this gym, or even if any officers do train there.

PSD  do not deem it worthwhile investigating which officers may train at this gym, where the owner has been prosecuted and another member has been charged with crimes against the same victim?   It seems like a potential ‘conflict of interest’ and very possible that police could be tipping off the suspects.

The only thing that is know 100% is that information sent in confidence to Police was published by the suspects.

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