West Midlands police refuse to deal with breach of restraining order

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West Midlands Police have refused to abide by a UK Court issued restraining order applied Darren Hogan.

Darren Hogan was convicted of harassment and given a 12 month restraining order.

This restraining order was to prevent Darren Hogan from contacting his victims in any way.

Further breaches were reported to West Midlands Police who confirmed what Hogan was doing WAS A CRIMINAL OFFENCE but they then said it was not in the public interest to investigate.


This goes against a judicial issued Court Order that was issued in the public interest.

Hogan later tried to have the restraining order removed but the Magistrates were disgusted that the police failed the victim and in fact doubled Hogans restraining order.

Magistrates commented “the police were inefficient at stopping Hogan” !



West Midlands Police CHARGE Darren Hogan with breach of restraining order, only after this blundering phone call



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