What is it with Police and sexual offenses!

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Reading an article by Iain Gould highlights just how UK police are notoriously found to be committing sexual crimes.

Yes, the police who should investigation and stop sexual predators, are high on the list of sexual predators themselves.

Read Iain’s blog here

While maybe (hopefully) not for the same sexual gratification, I am also a victim of sexual assault from Lancashire police. Perverted Sergeant Stephen Eckersley who lives in Aughton, near Ormskirk of Lancashire police, touched me ‘inappropriately‘ when he forcefully stripped me naked for no lawful reasons.

Not suprisingly, Lancashire police defended this ‘little piggie’ from prosecution, they even refused to investigate it, which in my eyes and any reasonable person shows they are covering this up.

Lancashire police soon coughed up £35,000 in compensation (+£100,000 in legal fees) after a civil claim was brought against them by Iain Gould of DPP Law, Liverpool. They settled ‘out of court’ to ensure this and other things they did were not aired in a public courtroom, namely how they protected a police grass from prosecution.

Corruption at its finest, headed by Andy Rhodes, the chief to nob of Lancashire police.


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