What the police are REALLY doing – or not doing

Lancashire Police Corruption

On 4th July I received the first Lancashire Constabulary response about a close pass incident report.

The close pass, by a lorry carrying portable toilets (photo coming soon!), occurred on 21st June, and was reported on 22nd June.

You will note that the response comes 13 days after the incident- Hey Presto! Now too late to process!! Result for LC!!! The report file begins with: Alarming close passing of cyclist by lorry MV17 SVK carrying 3 portable toilets. The response was solely to ‘advise’ me to report the ‘speeding incident’ (to someone else, please, anyone else!) to a joke organisation I hadn’t heard of before:

The SpeedyLoo driver was undoubtedly speeding, but I am certainly not about to waste time reporting to an organisation even more dedicated to hopeless ineffectuality than LC, an organisation which will certainly be completely uninterested in ‘alarming close passing’.

The other thing the response wanted to tell me was that the un-named officer couldn’t view the video.

The LC online reporting site requires the public to compress files if they are above the 60 MB limit (this GoPro file was 300 MB), but they can’t even read a standard HEVC codec .mp4 file. I have come across this before, and I have had to tell other LC officers how to view it- they even all have posh Samsung phones which can, of course, display HEVC videos.

From: https://road.cc/content/forum/what-police-are-really-doing-or-not-doing-284631.

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