Why isn’t Rosie Cooper outraged at Lancashire Police?

WHY has Rosie Cooper MP turned a blind eye to police corruption! (petition below)

And new information received today suggested this is not the first time.

Rosie Cooper is the MP for west Lancashire.  She was asked to look into a case of police corruption 4 years ago.

Her initial response was utter disgrace at how my family had been treated and how Lancashire police had apparently protected a Police Informant named Paul Turner, also in her constituency.  Rosie even wrote a letter to the Chief Constable questioning this very fact which is published here

Obviously the Chief Constable did not provide any information, but Rosie knew what the police were doing.  She was fully appraised of all evidence that Paul Turner was a Police Informant and due to that, he was getting favourable treatment by Lancashire police to the point that Lancashire police framed me for crimes I did not commit to protect Turner.

After a long 4 year battle without the backing of my MP, I have finally been awarded £35k out of police funds (tax payers money).  The total bill to the Tax payer was closer er to £135k factoring in the legal fees that the police have to pay.

My solicitors, John Hagan and Iain Gould of DPP Law are aware of how the police framed me to protect Paul Turner and fought my case.  Iain Gould has even referred to the police informant in his latest blog here


Why isn’t MP Rosie Cooper Outraged?

Surely an MP would be outraged at the waste of taxpayers money?

After all, Rosie herself asked The Chief Constable about Turner’s informant status, based on evidence she had seen.  Now that it has been widely published in the news how an ‘innocent man was pepper sprayed‘, she has not only remained silent, but pretty much blocked me from her services as an MP.  Listen to how her staff respond when I called her office (audio at bottom of page)

£135k has come from Tax payers money.  Surely this is something an MP would want to question?

It could be seen that Rosie has failed my family and not supported my fight against police corruption as Lancashire police gave her their full undivided support when she received a threat on her life in 2017.  Rosie is obviously pretty satisfied with Lancashire police for their duty to her.  But as an MP, Rosie must adhere to an oath which separates personal issues from public duties.

Rosie Cooper is reported to have said  I’d also like to thank Lancashire and Merseyside Police and the counter terrorism police who have supported me greatly, and who have kept me, my staff and the general public safe.Source: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/national-action-terror-plot-labour-mp-machete-jack-renshaw-rosie-cooper-neo-nazi-a8450591.html

I want MP Rosie Cooper to know exactly how Lancashire police kept me safe!  READ THIS ROSIE

The link is to the Liverpool ECHO where is it now widely published how Lancashire police Maliciously prosecuted me, one of her constituents.  Not only was I maliciously prosecuted, I was violently assaulted in front of my children.  I was stripped and sexually assaulted by a Lancashire police officer, Stephen Eckersley!  Lancashire police then fabricated a number of criminal offences against me to frame for for crimes I did not commit to protect Paul Turner the police informant.

So, I ask you Rosie Cooper, do you still stand by your comment that Lancashire Police have ‘kept the public safe‘… or, are you referring to Lancashire Police keeping YOU safe and you just f**k the rest of us. Rosie Cooper, you are a spineless politician.

Why is Rosie unwilling to pose the question to The Chief Constable? Everybody else appears outraged by the waste of taxpayers money, including myself, however Rosie is completely ignoring the unnecessary expense. Why?

I called the office of Rosie Cooper this morning to inform her that reporter  Matt O’Donoghue from ITV  was coming to my home and to my solicitors office to interview us about the police corruption and wasted public funds.  I wanted to ask Rosie if she would like to comment.

This is the recorded conversation of me calling Rosie Cooper’s office and how her staff have been told to treat me.


If you think Rosie Cooper, my local MP should demand the Chief Constable, Andy Rhodes to account for the huge waste of taxpayers money in this case, then the please sign this petition https://www.change.org/p/rosie-cooper-to-demand-an-investigation-into-lancashire-police-wasting-tax-payers-money

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