Evidence that Lancashire police are trying to frame me for exposing them

After a 5+ year battle against Lancashire police to seek justice, some worrying evidence has come to light.

I have shown that Lancashire police are protecting a police informant named Paul Turner from prosecution for numerous horrific offences he committed against me and my family.

I have supporting evidence that this person is a police informant.  Although being a police snitch is not a criminal offence, it does show that Lancashire police have a motive to protect him and a motive to attack me for seeking a prosecution against him.

Lancashire police have conclusive evidence that this Police Informant created dozens of website postings, maliciously calling me a paedophile..!, The police informant did this out of revenge because I sacked him.  These postings are a criminal offence under the Malicious Communications Act 2013.  Lancashire Police REFUSED to charge him even after the CPS gave the charging decision to them.

The reason the CPS gave the charging decision to Lancashire police was the evidence was conclusive and that the CPS were not required to make the decision as it was not a complex case.  Lancashire police officer DS Andy Langton had always said, (during the bogus investigation), that they were gathering as much evidence as they can to show the CPS how strong the case was and how malicious the attacks were and they were ‘doing their best to get a decision to charge Paul Turner’.  When they were given the charging decision themselves, they took no further action (NFA).

I told DS Andy Langton he was an evil shit for what he had done. I still stand by this man is an evil shit.

Lancashire police then arrested me and charged me for Malicious Communications because I posted comments naming the police informant.  Any police officer would know, or ought to know, that speaking a truth is not Malicious Communications.  I was acquitted.

I was also arrested and charged with harassment for calling Andy Langton an evil shit.  Yes, I was charged with harassment for calling him names, poor little snowflake.  The courts threw this out on the basis it wasn’t actually harassment, and to top it off, when questioned on oath, DS Andy Langton said he was not harassed, so he lied in his police statement.

Lancashire police settled out of court for £35,000 in a civil case against them for a Malicious Prosecution against me.  They did not want any of the above facts getting into court.  They told my solicitor at a mandatory meeting that they WILL settle.  This made it almost impossible to take it to court due to part 36 rules.

Police target me over Police Informant

Lancashire police have arrested me or investigated me umpteen times for false allegations against their Police Informant.

I posted this article on my facebook wall https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/jailed-150-years—merseyside-7765387 which I was arrest for!  Apparantly, the Police Informant called his police handler (suspected to be DS Andy Langton) and told him that my post was ‘harassing him’. My post was simply a link to the above article posted on the Liverpool ECHO.  I was arrested in a very public and an humiliating way. Of course, no charges were brought.

My car was torched in March 2017  This was on the driveway of my house, right under the bedroom window of my daughter.  I had my suspicions that this was the work of the Police Informant, afterall, he had threatened to kill my wife and children.  Police were reluctant to follow this lead saying his previous threat to kill was “not enough to go on!” but apparently were ‘looking for him’ without telling us!

A person posted a comment on Lancashire police facebook wall that Lancashire police had turned up at her house in Skelmersdale looking for a man named Paul Turner.  The address of this female was the last known address of Turner. She was worried why police believed he lived there hence posting on the police Facebook page.

After that, another Facebook page related to the arson attack on my home had a comment posted on it.  The comment referred to the comment on the lancashire police facebook page saying that it looks like police are looking for this man.

Even though this comment was apparently true, and was apparently helping police with an investigation into a serious crime of arson.  I was accused of posting it, which I didn’t.  I was interviewed under caution and I was later charged with harassment against Paul turner.  The charges were later dropped.

As you will see, Lancashire police have done everything in their power to protect a police informant and not only that, attempted to have me criminally charged for things I have not done.  It is pretty clear they are covering this up and want to frame me.  Evidence from a recently archived conversation suggests the police informant has fled to Benidorm.

Operation Malaya

As events unturned, I was told from other sources that Lancashire police had set up some ‘task force’ and formed an operation to have me arrested.  This was said to be Operation Malaya.  At first I thought this was all a big joke until I recently attended a court hearing in the West Midlands.  A man named George Vella who runs an anti-police Facebook group told a District Judge in a public court, that Lancashire police had set up a ‘task force’ named ‘operation Malaya’ and that George Vella was involved in it and appeared fully privy to this ‘secret police task force’!  This task force was setup by Lancashire police to frame me.  It appears to involve a number of people in the West Midlands area.  Darren Hogan, Neil Wilkes, Hugh Abercrombie have all commented publicly about this secret task force to frame me.  It was apparently headed by Inspector Danby of Lancashire police who sent a team of officers to west Midlands to orchestrate this.

This poses serious questions.

  • If Lancashire police really did set up such a task force to ‘frame me’, WHY?
  • If it is true, why would George Vella be aware of it?  He spoke of it openly in a Public court.
  • If it is not true, why would George Vella suggest they have done this?
  • Why would a man who supposedly hates the police, work with the police to frame me?
  • Why would convicted men, Darren Hogan and Hugh Abercrombie be involved in this?

Inspector Adrian Jolly

George Vella also made reference to an Inspector Jolly of Lancashire police in his court room pantomime.   Other comments about Inspector Jolly have been evidenced from a Facebook conversation now sent to police reporting corruption.  The comments suggest that Inspector Jolly of Lancashire police is in DIRECT contact with George Vella, and a number of other people in the West Midlands area as listed above.

Inspector Jolly has been put in place as some form of only point of contact for me and my family about anything related to me. I have never met him and he refuses to even speak to us, but he is the single and only person who makes all decision relating to anything to do with me.  Strikes me as very unusual.

A couple of facts about Inspector Jolly decisions.  A website was created ALL ABOUT ME. It was disgusting.  It was using my photograph, my wifes name, my business name.  It was making malicious false remarks and sick allegations.  The website was created by no other that the Police Informant.  I reported the website as harassment.  Inspector Jolly said “IT IS NOT HARASSMENT” and refused to crime it.

A second website was setup with malicious content about me.  The website is also disgusting and makes malicious false allegations about me.  This website was also created by the Police Informant.  I reported it to police, they told me to come and give a statement.  I turned up with all the evidence and was told that Inspector Jolly will not allow me to give a statement until he ‘reviews the evidence’, which they already had prior to my attendance.

A man named George Vella posted some sick and false comments about me on his Facebook group. The comments were said to be not a crime by Inspector Jolly.

Inspector Jolly allowed a convicted knife offender with 15 previous convictions get away with threatening my wife.

A man from the West Midlands who has a restraining order in place to protect my wife and I after the man pleaded guilty to harassment.  In breach of his restraining order, the man posted malicious comments on his Facebook account.  Under the order of the court, I reported this breach to Lancashire police.  This was of course reviewed by Inspector Jolly who said “As you looked at the facebook page, it negates harassment” and then he shut down the incident without recording it as a crime. This letter has opened a can of worms as it could be used in mitigation for criminal allegations against others.

Someone sent a text message to a friend of mine, the message was absolutely disgusting and said things to my friend about me.  I reported it to the police and Inspector Jolly refused to record it as a crime although a complaint forced inspector Jolly to record it as he breached crime recording rules. You would think an inspector would know the rules of recording crimes.

George Vella posted a private witness statement on the internet.  This is contempt of court as the statement was not a public document.  This was reported to the police and as usual Inspector Jolly did not investigate the offence or crime it.

On the other hand, George Vella reported a comment that he saw on the internet saying Hail Vella.  He reported it to Lancashire police (vella lives in Bedfordshire).   Apparently he reported it directly to Inspector Jolly!  Inspector Jolly apparently advised George Vella (as reported by Vella in court) that this is a ‘HATE CRIME’ and has apparently Inspector Jolly did record this as a hate crime!  Hope Jolly isn’t a catholic as he is committing hate crimes every time he says Hail Mary!

Restraining orders do not work

Finally, after the same man tried to have his restraining order lifted, he made submissions to the judge about another person who he was apparently conspiring with.  This ‘other’ person also has a restraining order NOT TO CONTACT ME, but he did.

I was of the impression his contact was to help me and I went with it in a genuine attempt to get peace.  It transpired that this other man was simply using me to fuel further attacks so I have been forced to archive the entire chat and give it to police which they now have.

I have NO illusion that police will do anything with it.  After all, this rather large chat communication make a number of eye opening comments including the following:

  • A man named George Vella and Neil Wilkes have attempted to Blackmail people to create false allegations against me.
  • George Vella is in direct communication with Inspector Jolly, the Lancashire officer who is set as my only point of contact and yet refuses to speak to me.
  • Other people in the West Midlands area are also in direct communication with Inspector Jolly.  and by this I mean phone calls, emails and text messages.
  • The conversation mention lots of other things that I will not disclose just yet.  It is being given IN FULL to the police to give them the opportunity to do the right thing.  A copy has been zipped and provided to a trusted party at ITV television.




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