Yet another NOT UPHELD letter from the IOPC protecting Lancashire police

Lying Police

This is the IOPC response from an allegation that the Chief Constable allowed perjured evidence to be knowingly used in Court

David English, the case worker was asked if they had any objections to it being published.  The only request was that his name was omitted, however, this request was not upheld. (my response to him)

In the Civil Case,  Lancashire DC Karen Harrison knowingly put false information in her statement.   this is 100%  fact, the statement is 100% false and LAncashire police have heavily defended her actions even in sight of the false comments.

This was brought to the attention of the police prior to the civil hearing, the police refused to investigate.

This is an allegation of police protecting police.  Police are not above the law and perjury IS a crime.

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